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e shtunë, tetor 08, 2005

Flori Bruqi:Kush eshte Sali Berisha?

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Subject : Flori Bruqi:Kush eshte Sali Berisha?



Sali Ram Berisha (born October 15, 1944) is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania. He was also the president of Albania from 1992 to 1997.

Berisha was born in Tropojë, Albania. He graduated from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Medicine (1967). After he accomplished successfully his advanced studies in Paris (France), he conducted a research program on Hemodynamics. In 1968 he was elected member of the European Committee for Research on Medical Sciences. During the teaching years in the University of Tirana (19801990), Berisha published study books, university textbooks and several scientific articles on cardiology, inside and outside of Albania. Berisha holds the scientific title Professor Doctor. He has worked as a heart surgeon and as a professor at the Clinic of Cardiology in Tirana.

The political career of Mr. Berisha started decades before the fall of the Berlin Wall, when for his loyalty to the communist state he was given important positions in the party hierarchy. As a convert Berisha supported the students' movement of December 1990. He became well known with his public criticisms against the old system and the need for the democratization of the country. In 1991, Mr. Berisha was elected chair of the Democratic Party, to be re-elected in 1997 and later on. He has been elected member of the parliament in the Albanian Assembly in 1991, 1992, 1997, 2001.

Following the first free elections of Albania, Berisha was elected President of the Republic on April 9, 1992. His administration tried to foster foreign investment, improve the poor economic situation of the country, and develop a more liberal and democratic government. Despite many reforms that took place, the administration was marred by corruption and abuses.

In 1994 a referendum took place that would have given Berisha even more powers, but it was rejected by Albanian voters amid fears that he would become another dictator.

Progress was stalled in 1995 and it resulted in declining public confidence on government institutions. Despite all the problems of his administration, Berisha was re-elected on May 26, 1997.

Soon afterwards, the economic crisis was spurred on by the proliferation and collapse of several pyramid financial schemes. Their activity was indirectly supported by Berisha's famous statement : "Albanian's money are the most dirt free in the world". Many Albanians lost their entire lives' savings. The administration was accused of having taken part in these schemes despite promises to give people back their money. Military depots around the country were looted and for a time it looked like civil war would erupt. Initially, Berisha refused opposition demands to step down. However, early elections were held in June 1997 and they led to the victory of a socialist-led coalition of parties. He resigned from the president's tenure one month after the loss of the elections of the DP and the victory of the left coalition. Since then he has been chair of the DP, the biggest opposition party. In July of 1997, Berisha was replaced by the socialist Rexhep Meidani.

In the general election of 3 July 2005, the Democratic Party of Albania achieved the necessary majority which enabled it to form the new Government of the Republic of Albania, headed by Sali Berisha. On September 3rd, the President of the Republic of Albania nominated Berisha as prime Minister.

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